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We are a long-standing car selling a business in the country. We have a reputation for running a fair business. There is nothing more important for us that our customer satisfaction.

There many car buying companies in the United Kingdom. However, what makes your business unique is the car valuation, time and convenience. All we offer to is absolutely free of costs; there are no trickery and hidden expenses to worry about. We don’t even force you to sell car for cash; if you don’t accept your car price check or aren’t happy with our service, you can just walk away.

Cars we buy? Webuy any cars; Cars, vans, old and new models and both UK and foreign productions. We value your car based on its age, the condition it has been kept and mileage. Other factors such as the amount of car ownership transfers, remaining taxes and finances may affect your final price.

How to reach us? We are flexible in response to your needs. You can get on the phone and call us, you can write us an email, but we suggest you our classic car buying route; registered your car on our website. This process is the fastest and easiest for you. It would only take a few minutes for you to add your information to our website. Car registration, make, year and little more about your car’s conditions. Once you have added all the data, you are only a few seconds far from getting the sell motor car value. These prices are the best available in the market. The last step is a final validation of the data you have provided to us by an expert. We can take the trouble off you and come to your home. If you prefer to do your legal car sale in our office, we welcome you to your nearest branch of our company.

Having all the documents ready, we can offer cash or a bank transfer. However, if you choose a bank transfer, you must keep in mind that there may be additional time for the payment. Banks usually take up to 3 consecutive business days to wire the money to an account.

Trade your car for cash today! Selling your second-hand car never been easier.

Thank you for using our website. If you are wondering where to sell my car? you are in the right place. We are doing our best to offer you the quickest car-buying services together with fair prices.

We are just around the corner

We are known to behave the largest network of car sales throughout the country and across all over Europe. All you need to do is add your zip code in the designated area an get to know where we are quick. There are chances that you find one just in your own locality. if it still is inconvenient to come to us, we can take the burden off you and provide a mobile service just for you.

Get the best quote only in the next few minutes

Find the online form on our website and get in touch with us. We can provide you with the most suitable car price check only in a matter of a few minutes. Add your car registration and let us know about your car’s details. If you are planning to sell cars uk personally. Check our quotation before. Chances are those prices are underestimated which means less money in your account. We buy any car uk and offer the best prices on sellmotor car valuation industry. We have a long reputation for offering fair prices.

Laidback and stress-free sale

Selling a vehicle has never been more stress-free. Unlike a personal sale, our company can take off all your worries from your mind. Our team of experts has years of experience in the auto trade quoting market. We are aware of all the laws and requirements for any car owner and in any condition. Not only we can guide you through the right steps, but we can also eve handle all of your pending document collection.

Fast procedures

Who wants to wait long for selling their car? We think that no one does. If there are all the documents in the place, we quickly get down to business. While offering authorized document transport, we pay you almost instantly. Missing documents such as outstanding finance will be handled as quickly as possible. We have a maximum waiting time of 12 days if there are any third-party payments involved.

Fair prices

We are known for our pricing. Decades of experience have given us a strong market sale; the way we can offer you a high-end price in contrast with the condition of your car. Honesty with our customers is our company motto.

Guarantee Our services are a hundred percent guaranteed; there is a guaranteed price quotation. We will not change our word for up to seven consecutive days. There are no future legal complications. There will be no leftover unattended documents.


We are one of the most reliable businesses across the UK. You can entrust your car with any condition, foreign or UK registration, any amount of imposing taxes and finances. Whatever is your concern about your car, you can entrust it with us.

Sell your car now You can start to sell your car immediately with the help of our company. you just have to follow the easy steps below;

Free online valuation

Get online and register your car. you need to add your card information, your own data and general descriptive condition of your car. Make sure these data are accurate by doing a double-check. Once these data are registered on our platform, we generate a car valuation based on the prices on the market. Although we try to offer the best prices always. If the entered if the formation has been correct, you can trust this quote to be your final quotation. Before we finalize the sale, we need to have our experts check and validate your given information on the online form and compare it with documents and your car itself. We offer you an appointment at your local center.

Easy to sell your car in UK

We can provide all your required documents if there are any missing parts. You could also do it yourself to help a quicker sale process.

We offer cash for any car

Despite the condition of your car, we want any car. Whether it is in drivable condition, or a prime and a year-old model, or it could be foreign or UK based registration; in all the mentioned conditions, we offer to buy your motor vehicle.

Free of cost service

All of our services are free of cost. Website evaluation as well as your appointment with our expert. We do not hold you responsible if you decide to terminate the sale process. We can offer you the same quotation if you determine to return before a week has passed. Duration more than a week may be subjected to a final valuation change.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the best offer for my vehicle? You may have already started getting a quote through the online application. If you haven’t received your online quote, you can get started. Although you can also call us directly. We offer you an appointment to meet and validate a final price. Our company has a reputation for offering the best prices. You can either accept your offer or take time to think about it. There is no obligation what so ever.

Why is my offer has changed on your sellmotor?

We can only keep an offer valid for a period. It is up to 7 days that we can resist the changes in the market. Afterward, our prices increase.

Similarly, if your car’s data change, the offer changes accordingly. Usually, the only variant in a limited time is your car’s millage. Increase the number of miles in your car can decrease the price offer consequently. Top